2.7  The Level of Quality concept

The “Level of Quality” concept is used for Traffic and Travel Information services and reflects the requirements of data quality which are needed for the provision of those services. This concept is not end-user oriented as the Level of Service table (see above). Instead, the concept relates to data processes between the detection of road and traffic-related conditions, and the transmission of such data via National Access Points.

Definitions for data quality have been elaborated by EU EIP. In particular, frameworks have been developed to commonly describe and document quality in the context of different ITS data domains. The work has been related to the different data domains of ITS Directive 2010/40/EU and its corresponding Delegated Regulations.

These frameworks have been published as so-called Quality Packages, each mapping quality aspects to the various Delegated Regulations:

  • Safety-related traffic information (SRTI) and Real-time traffic information (RTTI): Quality Package[1]
  • Multimodal Travel Information Services (MMTIS): Quality Package[2]
  • Intelligent Truck Parking Services (ITPS): Quality Package[3].

The Quality Packages contain quality-related definitions and concepts, as proposed and agreed by EU EIP partners for the use in Europe. Some of the Quality Packages have been validated since their initial publication, involving stakeholders and testing data qualities in real-world applications. Such validation resulted in improved and updated Quality Packages.

Each Quality Package contains the following elements:

  • A set of quality criteria in the categories ‘Level of Service” (describing the provision of data) and ‘Level of Quality” (describing the data as such)
  • Specific quality requirements to be met for individual Traveller Information services —A set of proposed quality assessment methods.

The quality definitions are laid out in a tabular format in each Quality Package, as illustrated in Table 10.

Table 10: Layout of quality definitions in each Quality package

This way, dedicated quality criteria are introduced and defined for each ITS data domain, and populated with explicit requirements (staged in three levels “basic”, “enhanced” and “advanced”).

Table 11: Quality definition table (example)

For more details: web links with more explanations and download options for the Quality Packages are referenced above.

[1] Kulmala, R. et al. (2019), “Quality Package for safety-related and real-time information services”, Deliverable by EU EIP sub-activity 4.1, https://eip.its-platform.eu/highlights/update-eu-eip-quality-package-srti-and-rtti

[2] Niculescu, M., Jansen, M., Barr, J., Lubrich, P. (2019): Multimodal Travel Information Services (MMTIS): Quality Package, Deliverable by EU EIP sub-activity 4.1, https://eip.its-platform.eu/highlights/multimodal-travel-information-services-mmtisupdate-quality-framework

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