2.2  The common ITS service description structure

Following the overall harmonisation concept, the description structure of the ITS Core services in this handbook consists of several parts, which are depicted in Figure 6:

Figure 6: The common ITS service description standard

Per set of TTI, TM, and F&L services an introduction is available, where decision makers find all basic/general and strategic information bundling content that is common to all TTI  respectively TM and F&L services.

The ITS service at a glance gives a very brief overview of the nature of the service.

The section ITS service profile gives an overall explanation of the ITS Core service.

  • Decision makers find all basic/general and strategic information (vision and mission) about the particular ITS Core service,
  • the profile of this particular ITS Core service compared to the other ITS Core services is highlighted

The section Harmonization requirements and advice delivers answers in form of requirements and advice to questions around what is needed for a harmonised deployment of European ITS Core services:

  • to ensure interoperability/continuity on the functional and organisational with a similar neighbouring ITS Core service provided by another organisation
  • to present itself to the road user with a common harmonized European look and feel  
  • to ensure the use of ICT infrastructure appropriate to the ITS Core service needs
  • to ensure the use of the right information provision standards and specifications on national access point and C-ITS interfaces 
  • to offer assessment based on harmonised level of quality[1], service and operational environment criteria.

Annex A delivers a collection references to existing deployments (partly or complete conform to this Reference Handbook).

Annex B lists mandatory features required for a harmonized ITS Core service deployment in form of a table named “compliance checklist”.

Annex C gives and explains the concept of the Operating Environments.

[1] Level of quality criteria are only defined for TTI and F&L services