2.1  The European ITS Core services structure model

The bundle of European ITS Core services comprises of three ITS Service categories with in total 14 specific ITS Services. The categories are:

  • TTIS – Traffic and Travel Information Services,
  • TMS – Traffic Management Services and
  • F&LS – Freight & Logistic Services.

Whilst TTIS – Traffic and Travel Information Services are primarily focused on the end-users as travellers to provide to them pre-trip and on-trip information about the situation during their journey, TMS – Traffic Management Services represent a set of instruments for road operators to directly influence the driver while driving or, in the case of Traffic Management for Corridors and Networks, to align his traffic behaviour with the overarching strategies of public and private road operators traffic management.

The F&LS – Freight & Logistic Services represent a special case. Intelligent Truck Parking informs about possible parking spaces at motorways for trucks and Access to Abnormal Goods Transport Regulations is an internet-based tool to register dangerous goods transports.

The overall structure and composition of the three categories and the specific ITS Core services included can be seen in Figure 6.

Figure 5: European ITS Core services structure model

Part of the ITS Core services structure model are also a bundle of supporting activities and documents whose results have a structural and content-related influence on the ITS Core services and are shown in the bottom line of the ITS Core services structure model figure (see Figure 5). In addition to the Delegated Regulations and related activities (in Figure 5 with blue background), various other activities (i.e. of the EU-EIP platform, C-ROADS, DATEX II, TN-ITS and Data4PT) are worth mentioning here.